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Academic Support

We believe in setting high academic standards and supporting all our students, so each one can achieve his or her best.

Valor provides every student with a college preparatory education that challenges them to excel academically. As a result, classes at Valor can be rigorous. We work with students proactively to ensure they have the level of support they need to thrive at Valor.


We’re excited to offer the following Academic Support Services at Valor! Click to learn more about each respective department.

Tutoring Center

The Valor Tutoring Center offers faculty and peer tutoring for students who need additional help or remediation in specific subjects. Tutoring sessions occur on a weekly basis and take place before, during, and after school. 


If a student has a diagnosed learning difficulty that hinders his or her ability to access information or demonstrate knowledge in a manner appropriate to his or her ability level, then we strive to find the appropriate accommodations that provide space and opportunity for that student to learn and grow academically.

Standardized Test Prep

At Valor, our commitment to prepare our students for university studies includes preparing them for standardized tests such as the SAT, PSAT, and ACT. When pursuing college scholarships or university acceptance, we understand how crucial a couple of points on these tests can be. To this end, Valor offers a renowned ACT Test Prep course and individualized tutoring.

Academic Management

This elective course is intended to support students in their executive functioning skills by improving academic performance and study habits. Academic Management faculty help students advocate for themselves with teachers and serve as a constant accountability checkpoint.

Incoming 9th Graders

9th grade is an exciting time for students. Each incoming 9th grade class represents students from more than 100 area middle schools, which means students often come in at varying readiness levels. Toward that end, we offer services and classes for incoming 9th grade students that help students build foundational academic skills.

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Meet the Team

Our Academic Support staff is dedicated to helping students thrive throughtout their journey at Valor. We help support our students for academic success throughout their high school career. Meet some of our Academic Support staff members below.

Will Ostransky


 Email | 303.471.3196


Nina Hinds


 Email | 303.471.3229


Vicki Munderloh


Email | 303.471.3196