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Incoming Freshman Support

Our 9th Grade Seminar class and summer prep supports incoming freshmen as they transition from middle school to become active members of the Valor community.

9th Grade Seminar

The 9th Grade Seminar is a small, single-gender class that helps students build strong academic skills and study habits while also exploring their giftings and talents, personality and temperament, grit and vision.

Best of all, 9th Grade Seminar is often the place new freshmen form close friendships that stay with them throughout high school and beyond. 9th Grade Seminar faculty guide students through their first year and serve as a sound board for any questions and concerns students may come across during their transition to high school. This is a required course for graduation.

9th Grade Seminar is offered as a year-long full-credit or summer half-credit course. The summer 9th Grade Seminar option is ideal for students who are pursuing the performing or visual arts conservatory or who have a PSAT 8/9 composite score at the 75th percentile or higher. The link below will provide more details about the 9th Grade Seminar summer course and other incoming freshmen offerings and resources.

Summer Prep

We believe in utilizing the summer to review and prepare for the upcoming year.

To that end, we’re excited to offer multiple summer school opportunities to help our incoming freshmen students in their transition to Valor. Please use the link below to learn more about our course offerings and other helpful incoming freshmen resources. We can’t wait to get started with your student soon! 

Reach out to our Academic support lead

For academic support and summer school registration questions, please contact the Academic Support Lead.