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9th Grade Seminar

The 9th Grade year is a crucial, transitional year for students. It is Valor’s goal to be intentional with teaching the foundational skills necessary for being a successful Valor student during their 9th Grade year.


The 9th Grade Seminar is a small, single-gender class that helps students build strong academic skills and study habits while also exploring their giftings and talents, personality and temperament, grit and vision.

Best of all, 9th Grade Seminar is often the place new freshmen form close friendships that stay with them throughout high school and beyond. 9th Grade Seminar teachers serve as advocates and mentors for the students in their class. They guide freshmen students through their first year and serve as the family and student’s primary academic contact for any questions and concerns during their transition to high school. This is a required course for graduation.

9th Grade Seminar is offered as a year-long full-credit or summer half-credit course. The Summer 9th Grade Seminar is designed for students who have a passion for the Performing or Visual Arts Conservatory or those who desire to engage in other distinctive course offerings or programming. To be eligible for enrollment in the class, students must demonstrate strong academic standing, as evidenced by a PACT composite score of 85th percentile or higher, and a positive track record of academic and behavioral performance in 8th grade. Students who face challenges in managing their time, staying organized, and staying motivated are highly encouraged to enroll in the full-year 9th Grade Seminar course, as it offers ongoing support throughout the entire year in these areas.

In the event that a student does not meet the aforementioned prerequisite criteria, Valor reserves the right to withdraw the student from the Summer Seminar course.

If you would like to discuss whether the course is the right fit for your student, please contact Zonya Hamilton (or Will Ostransky during the summer). This course is worth half a credit.