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Program Overviews

In addition to core academic coursework, endorsement programs require meaningful investment in co-curricular activities, service projects, and a capstone project. Students can work toward a major and upon graduation, receive special recognition and a unique diploma. A commencement cord is bestowed upon those achieving a major. Students are encouraged to apply for their endorsement area of interest during their sophomore year. See each individual endorsement program page for additional information. 

If you feel called to apply please visit the student portal. 


Endorsement Programs

Our endorsement programs offer a cross-discipline study that enables select students to organize their graduation requirements around their core interests.


How Do Endorsement Programs Work?

Valor’s endorsement programs are designed to matriculate students who have combined rigorous academic coursework with hands-on experience.

The speed of learning is accelerating faster than ever before. In response, a growing number of top colleges are prioritizing applicants with real-world experience who have a clear idea of the questions they want to answer and the problems they want to solve.

These students know what they want to study in college and post-graduate programs and are eager to use their knowledge and experience to transform the world for Christ.


Endorsement Programs

Need a more in-depth look at our endorsement programs? Look through the different programs we offer our students to discover the best option for them. Students should start seriously considering their program their sophomore year.

Applied STEM

The Valor Applied STEM program is a gateway to industry, preparing high school students to make a global impact in the fields of science, math, engineering, medicine and technology. We are able to provide each STEM student with custom instruction.

Biblical Leadership

This program includes enhanced requirements within Bible courses, practical service, experiential engagement in a defined ministry/ leadership context, and a final capstone project/ presentation that stands separately from their senior presentation.


This program provides students with a full array of business courses, experiential learning opportunities, competitions, and projects to build a business acumen that will be prepared for university work. Students are focus their learning around marketing, management, or finance.


The humanities endorsement offers students an intellectually rigorous course of study and praxis that weaves together traditional humanities subject areas, including English, history, theology, and classical languages, into an integrated, multi-year program. 

Conservatory For The Arts

A unique endorsement program that combines individualized, exceptional arts training in Performing Arts, Visual Arts, or Media Arts. Consisting of a six-credit major, private lessons and master classes.

All endorsements are built around four core requirements:

Academic Courses

Experiential Engagement

Service Activities

Capstone Project

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