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Applied STEM Endorsement

The Applied STEM program is a gateway to industry, preparing students to make a global impact in the fields of science, math, engineering, medicine and technology.

Program Goals

In a Christ-centered environment, the Applied STEM program prepares students to discover, innovate, and impact their community. Each student pursues an individually calibrated course of curricular and co-curricular activities focused on their interests differentiating them from their peers as they approach college admissions. Their experience in the program emphasizes applied knowledge through individual projects, local and national competitions, student-led clubs, expert lectures, career shadow opportunities, and service.

  • Discover: Students interact with a diverse array of STEM fields and topics 
  • Innovate: Students are afforded authentic opportunities to apply their knowledge, design, and create
  • Impact: Students see their role as a leader in making a positive impact on their community

"So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them."

Genesis 1:27

Applied STEM Requirements and Additional Information

Completing the STEM Endorsement

Each endorsement program at Valor includes a component of coursework, service, experiential engagement, and a capstone project. Experiential Units (EUs) is how the program measures experiential engagement. EUs can be acquired by; club and competition participation, project builds, attending guest lectures, career shadow or internship experiences, etc.

Below you will find the requirements for majoring in the STEM program. 

Major Requirements

  • Coursework: 1 Additional STEM Credit through completion of the STEM Capstone Course
  • Service: 2 Qualifying Activities
  • Experiential Units: 8 EUs
  • Capstone Project and Presentation

Questions? Email us at the button below. We also offer STEM summer course which you can find more information using the button below:


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Calculus Speed Trap
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If you travel 40 miles per 60 minutes, what’s your average speed per hour, or what’s your average rate of change (the change in distance over the change in time)? Are they different? Students in AP Calculus played cops and speeders last week in class. Students had the opportunity to use real radar guns and math to try and see if they could catch their classmates speeding along Fairview.

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Humanities Alumni Update
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The Humanities program honored its first class of graduating students this past May 2023 during Valor’s commencement ceremony. We want to regularly include comments from graduates to help give a sense of how the Humanities program prepared them for the next phase of their lives. For our first alumni check-in, we asked Ben Leikam to reflect on how his time in the Humanities program prepared him for college. Here are his thoughts...

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STEM Night 2023
  • STEM

STEM Night was a great success, as students showcased their work through capstone projects, clubs, and competitions. Over 30 projects and interactive demos were highlighted during the evening. In addition, select students received awards for their innovation, creativity, and service through STEM. 

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