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Transfer Students

Considering changing schools or moving from another part of the country?  Valor welcomes you, and is here to partner with you to help ensure a great experience and transition!

You’re Right on Time

You may not have started high school with us, but don’t let that stop you from finishing as part of our Valor community!

Our small class sizes will help you acclimate quickly and make friends even faster. Our athletics, arts, clubs and service programs will give you many ways to get involved, even on your first day.

Transfer students are uniquely nurtured at Valor through a specially designed Bible class that is made up of only transfer students. This course combines two classes: The Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ and Seminar. The combination of these two classes helps to transition students into the Valor culture and prepares them for academic success.

Transfer Student Program

As our school has grown to over 1,200 students, we are thrilled to continue to offer space for students transferring from other high schools. Our greatest desire is to provide students with the high school education that fits best with their future goals and inspire them to go into the world to represent Christ in all they do.

Parents, please connect with our Admissions Transfer Student Coordinator to determine if there is space available for your student's grade/class level. Mid-year transfers and transfers during the semester due to family relocation are possible, again, depending on space availability. 

Like our incoming freshmen applicants, we ask all transfer students to submit an application and complete all of the items in the Valor Application checklist. Please include a current grade progress report, along with full transcripts and a behavior record from your current school. Standardized test scores (usually PSAT, Pre-ACT, SAT or ACT) are also a valuable piece of the application process. 

Once enrolled, Valor's Academic Counseling team will coordinate placement exams for English, Math and World Languages to determine their class assignment.   

Visit and Experience Valor

We offer tours, shadow days and Explore Valor Open Houses to help students experience Valor.

Visit Valor

Admissions Criteria



As you consider applying to Valor, we ask that you review our Admissions Criteria

Commitment to our Vision and Mission

Students and parents are in agreement with Valor’s vision and mission, and supportive of Christian education at Valor.

Willingly Consider Christ

Students are willing to give the truth and claims of Christ a fair hearing.

Demonstrate Academic Success

Students demonstrates academic success, motivation and promise.

Contribute to our Culture

Students bring tangible benefits to the greater student body.

Contact Mary Bender

Admissions, Transfer Student Coordinator


Application Checklist

  • Application
  • Valor Approved Standardized Test
  • Official Transcript, Behavior Record and Current Grade Report
  • Math Recommendation 
  • English Recommendation
  • Administrator Recommendation
  • $175 application fee
  • Student and Family Interview

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