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Tuition Assistance for a Private Christian High School

Making a Valor education accessible to the greatest number of students is at the heart of our mission. Learn more about how we can partner with your family to make tuition affordable.

As the parent of a rising high school student, you understand that the next four years will shape your teen’s life in immeasurable ways. As they define their future path, you want them in an environment that will challenge, support, and equip them for the journey ahead. At the same time, you understand that choosing a private, Christian high school will be a significant financial commitment.

At Valor Christian High School in Highlands Ranch, CO, we are blessed with a generous tuition assistance budget and award millions to qualified families each year.

Tuition assistance is an illustration of our mission to partner with committed parents looking for a purpose-driven college prep program, a vibrant Christ-centered community, and robust opportunities for students to discover and develop their unique gifts — all while growing in wisdom, knowledge, leadership, faith and service.



Making Valor a Reality for Your High School Student

When families begin exploring the benefits of a Valor education, they typically have one of two assumptions:

“With the cost of tuition, we could never afford to attend Valor.”

Or, “We shouldn’t bother asking because I'm sure we earn too much to qualify.”

The truth is families from a wide range of income levels are eligible for tuition assistance at Valor. The system we use not only analyzes income, but looks closely at a family’s unique financial situation — assets, expenses, extraordinary circumstances, and more. It is a clear, impartial, and transparent process designed to help as many families as possible afford the best education for their teen.

Don’t see your financial profile represented here?

 Contact Admissions


The graphic above represents common scenarios, but please don’t hesitate to give us a call and discuss your unique needs. If you feel Valor is the right place for your teen, we want to talk with you about making that a reality, regardless of your financial situation.

How it Works 

  1. All students who wish to be considered for tuition assistance may apply beginning December 1st. Award decisions are based upon demonstrated need and families will be notified after a student is enrolled.
    Helpful hint: If you know you want to apply for tuition assistance, strive to get into Valor’s first round of admissions in early September.
  2. Your family will create an account on FACTS, which is a trusted, third-party platform that will collect your pertinent documents and information.
    Helpful hint: Your complete and accurate disclosure is greatly appreciated. It helps avoid follow-up questions or research that may delay a decision on behalf of your student.
  3. FACTS will review and analyze your information and make an award recommendation to Valor.
    Important to know:  Both your application request and your award amount are kept 100% confidential.
  4. Valor’s tuition assistance team will consider the recommended award, as well as other information provided by your family to determine a final award offer.
    Important to know: Valor considers certain lifestyle financial choices to be within your control and, therefore, not compelling factors in determining need.
  5. If the tuition assistance amount offered works for your family, we look forward to welcoming your teen in the coming months! If the offer does not meet your need, you can then disenroll and receive a full deposit refund.
    Helpful hint: If your situation changes during the process, or if you feel important information was left out, we welcome appeals and will do our best to modify your offer.


Did You Know?


1 in 5 Valor applicants qualify for tuition assistance.

Other Expenses to Consider

While tuition assistance serves as an offset to the annual cost of tuition, the Valor experience is highly personalized, and additional fees* can be expected. These may include:

Class Fees

Fees range between $50-$400 per year and cover the basic consumable expenses of some academics and arts classes.

Athletics & Activities

Fees range between $400-$1,500. Customized gear and any out-of-state travel for athletics are not included.

Arts Conservatory Fees

Fees range between $1,500-$2,500 per year to cover the private lessons and individualized instruction in our arts and media audition-based Conservatory.

Academic Support

Fees range between $25-$75 per hour or $1,000-$1,500 per semester for Valor’s private tutoring and group-based prep classes.

Discovery Experiences

Discovery trips are an integral part of the Valor experience. Students may fundraise for their travel, but families will be responsible for any remaining costs for these trips.

*Fees are billed when incurred; not included as part of the monthly payment plan for tuition.

Frequently Asked Questions



Explore the Value of a Valor Education Firsthand


We invite you to schedule a visit to Valor Christian High School and explore all of the opportunities available to your teen. During your tour, our Admissions team can answer any further questions you have about affordability and tuition assistance. We look forward to serving your family!


Apply Here For Tuition Assistance

Valor Christian High School does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, national or ethnic origin in the administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, athletic, arts, and other school-administrated programs or activities. To further Valor’s mission and to support student contributions to Valor’s Christian community (including student leadership and employment positions), Valor may give preference to students who subscribe to Valor’s Statement of Beliefs in the administration of educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and financial aid programs, athletic, arts, service or other school-administered programs.