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Tuition & Financial Aid

At any private school, there comes the point of determining how to make tuition a financial reality. Valor strives to work with you in this endeavor.

In a partnership of school and family, we share the goal of making a Valor education accessible to your admitted student. Valor awards more than $2 million each year in needs-based tuition assistance, which helps offset the annual cost of tuition.

Tuition for the 2023-24 school year is $24,550. 

Our tuition and financial aid approach may be a little unique compared to other schools. Upon enrollment, you will receive a financial agreement with the multi-year total cost of tuition already determined. We do this to provide you with the peace of mind of consistent monthly payments or an established annual payment schedule.

If you also receive tuition assistance, your award amount is guaranteed for the entire time your student is enrolled. If at any time during enrollment, your financial situation changes, we encourage you to reapply for an increased award amount.

We believe this level of transparency in the process helps our families make a more informed decision about the financial investment in a Valor education.

Tuition Assistance Snapshot:

We seek to be in partnership with committed parents and actively engaged students. While we cannot always meet 100% of all requested need, we earnestly seek to partner with aligned families through tuition assistance.



of tuition assistance is provided as a grant



tuition assistance is awarded annually


1 in 4

Valor students receive tuition assistance



represents the general award ranges

Tuition Assistance Process:

Valor offers tuition assistance based on demonstrated need as determined by a third-party verification service. Financial participation is an expectation of every family. We don’t offer merit scholarships or multi-student discounts. However, we do recognize that sibling enrollment can affect financial need.

Your complete and accurate disclosure is greatly appreciated at the start of the process. It helps avoid follow-up questions or additional research that may delay a decision on behalf of your student. Both your application request and your award amount are kept confidential.

Apply for tuition assistance starting dec. 1

As you begin the application process, many factors may influence your eligibility for tuition assistance.

The application will require you to provide official tax documents and details related to:

  • Household income representing all parents, including step-parents, and legal guardians
  • Assets such as homes, vehicles, bank accounts, and investment accounts
  • Expenses, loans, debts, or other financial obligations
  • Supplemental tax forms related to profit and loss statements for self-employment or privately held business interests
  • Other special considerations such as extra-ordinary medical expenses or elder care expenses

We also must share with you another important factor: Valor considers certain lifestyle financial choices to be within your control and, therefore, not compelling factors in determining need. These choices may include high debt and expenses associated with new cars, homes, vacations, and competitive sports. When evaluating the costs of higher education for either siblings or parents, at the same time a tuition assistance request is being made of Valor, we recognize that other financing options exist for you to consider to help offset these expenses for your other family members.

Additional Fees

While tuition assistance serves as an offset to the annual cost of tuition, we believe it is important for you to have an estimate of some of the fees associated with various activities on campus to better prepare for the total cost of a Valor experience.

Class Fees

Cover the basic consumable expenses of various academics and arts classes. Fees range between $50-$400 per year.

Athletic Fees

Offset a portion of the basic operating expenses of each sport. Fees range between $400-$1,500 per sport. Customized gear and out-of-state travel are not included.

Conservatory Fees

Cover the private lessons and individualized instruction in our Arts + Media audition-based programs. Fees range between $1,500-$2,500 per year.

Academic Support Fees

Private tutoring and group-based prep classes. Fees range between $25-$75 per hour and $1,000-$1,500 per semester. 

Note: Fees are billed when incurred and, at this time, not included as part of the monthly payment plan for tuition.

Admission and Tuition Assistance Timeline

Tuition assistance can make it possible for students to accomplish great things through their high school experience

1. September - November

  • Explore Valor to determine if the school is a good fit for your student.
  • Begin the admission application process.
  • Get an early start on the admission interview, tests and references, so you have everything completed by the due date.

2. December - February

  • Your admission application is due.
  • Watch for your admission decision from Valor within a few weeks following the deadline.
  • Complete your tax return as a financial snapshot.
  • Sign and return the enrollment agreement for your admitted student.
  • Pay the non-refundable enrollment deposit.
  • If applying for tuition assistance, provide complete and accurate information by the due date to minimize delays or follow-up questions.

3. March - May

  • Tuition assistance applications will continue to be accepted if funds remain available.
  • Watch for your tuition assistance decision from Valor; the sooner you applied, the sooner you are likely to hear back.
  • Complete your enrollment process, including placement testing and class scheduling.
  • Watch for updates from Valor regarding books and preparations for the coming school year.

I loved my time at Valor! It is the place where I strengthened my beliefs, built lasting relationships with both friends and faculty, and became more confident as a leader and woman of Christ. I am so thankful I was able to attend Valor.


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