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Welcome home! Here you will find special announcements, links, resources, and more to help you stay up to date with your Valor community.

Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle

Stay in touch with us—we will be building some new Alumni programs this year and want to make sure you are part of what’s coming next. Enter your contact information in the form below to ensure you are updated with latest alumni information!

Alumni best understand the impact Valor can have on a students life.


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Come Back and Visit

We are so happy to see our alumni return to visit. If you are planning to stop by, take a moment to review the protocol for connecting with Faculty and Staff at Valor.  As always, we want to respect the time and availability of Faculty, as well as preserve the learning environment for our current students.

  1. Please contact the teacher you’d like to visit before your arrival on campus.  Schedule a time before or after school, or during an off-period. 

  2. When you arrive for your appointment, check in with your driver’s license at the Front Desk in the Academic Building or Valor Arts Center.  You will receive a Valor Visitor Badge and your teacher will be called.  

  3. Your teacher will escort you from the front lobby and will escort you back to check out after your appointment is over.

Come back again soon!


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Be sure to connect with us on our social media channels(Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter). You can specifically connect with us on LinkedIn by listing Valor in the Education section of your profile. This will give you access to the network of other alumni who are doing the same.

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More Questions? 

Contact Blake Froistad

Blake is the Alumni Engagement Coordinator and would love to get in contact with you! He oversees everything alumni related and can get you connected in the Valor alum community so please don't be afraid to reach out and get in touch with him. You can email him at the button below or find him working day-to-day within the Eagles.

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