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Faith Integration

Faith Integration

We recognize that God is the author of all things, the source of true strength, and that our talents and abilities are blessings from Him. When we play for Him, sport becomes all the more compelling.

Sports are another opportunity to worship the Lord, Jesus Christ. Worship is the big “W” in our athletic experience, while all of the wins are the little “w”.

This counter-cultural approach to athletics is what makes Valor Athletics so special.
Sport As Worship is seeing transformation in our athletes and in our teams, a transformation guided by the Holy Spirit that draws every one of our athletes into a lifelong relationship with the Lord, Jesus Christ. In addition to in-sport opportunities for faith integration guided by our coaches and chaplains, we offer a semester-long Bible elective in faith and sport integration for those who desire to grow in this area.

Valor has gifted me the opportunity to learn how to integrate my faith into my sport. I have learned many lessons but one especially has had a huge impact on my life. My whole life I have been doing everything from basketball to school; every day I have done these things for God. Instead of doing things for God, we must do them with him. God desires to be in our lives with us through the good and bad. I strive to be with God each practice, each test, every day of my life. I am so excited about where this new view of God will take me in the future and I can’t wait for others who discover this amazing truth through their time at Valor.

- Raegan Beers

(Class of 2022)

Daily Practices


A desire for transformation will never be sustainable and repeatable without a design. The words below represent a vision into that design: We, as the Valor Athletics Team, believe in the Daily Practices of…



Jesus into our spaces, situations, and our innermost being


simple prayers and creating space to listen as well


upon the Holy Word of God with our teams and devouring the text to be fed


expression and thanksgiving to our Lord for our many great and wonderful gifts


our victories and our defeats as they both lead to worship of our Creator and Savior

Sport as Worship

We, as the Valor Athletics Team, will coach and play to experience Sport As Worship by:

  • Seeking to work “With” God as opposed to over, under, from, or for Him
  • Using our platform in athletics to be a part of God’s Restoration plan for the world
  • Recognizing Failure as a part of the process of growth, development and sanctification
  • Overcoming the weight and temptation of Comparison
  • Ruthlessly and intentionally eliminating Idols from our lives and helping others to do the same
  • Living vulnerably in the desert times when Fear and Anxiety strike
  • Honoring the importance of Rest for ourselves and the teams we lead
  • Persevering through difficulty knowing with confidence that the best is yet to come
  • Cementing our Identity firmly in the Father, Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit
  • Deflecting and reflecting the unmatchable Glory of our God
  • Living in Gratitude in the good times and the difficult