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Valor students serve locally, nationally, and around the world, working with the poor and marginalized in the name of Jesus Christ for the glory of God. 



Transformation Through Service

Our desire is that students would develop and strengthen their faith as they engage in and with various worldviews, belief systems, cultural practices and more. Our objective is to facilitate well-executed intercultural experiences with the potential to advance students’ spiritual, emotional, character and relational development, while meeting desired educational or ministry goals.

"In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven."

Matthew 5:16


When Students Serve, They Shine

Through the Discovery program, students gain a new understanding of God and the world as they experience diverse cultures, apply lessons from the classroom, and come alongside families marginalized by poverty.

As students serve, they develop Christ-like compassion and generosity that shapes them for life.

Discovery sends more than 400 students on almost 30 teams across the state, the nation and the world every year. Since our very first experience in India in 2008, more than 3,750 students have served on 254 experiences in 43 countries and 6 continents.


Our Focus

While most of our experiences are outreach-oriented, some focus on cultural immersion, spiritual discipleship, leadership development or academic enhancement.

In every case, whether local or abroad, our prayer is that students will develop and model Christ’s servant leadership as a part of their broader experience. We offer varying experiences since every student serves differently. Decide what is best for you or your student and experience some of the most rewarding, unforgettable, life-giving, and God-centric times of your life. 

Serving in Love

Discovery integrates Valor's vision and mission through life on life engagement, the development of meaningful relationships locally and around the world, and the critical exploration of worldviews, belief systems and cultural practices.

Serving with Christ-like love, we strive to ease burdens, relieve suffering, care for the poor, break down walls of prejudice and discrimination, meet the needs of others with the redeeming power of the gospel and use God-given gifts to transform the world.

Our ultimate prayer is that by God's grace students will grow socially, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually - developing and deepening their faith in Jesus Christ as they...

Go. Serve. Transform.

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Discovery Stories

A Student Reflection: Colorado Trek 2022

This summer, I had the privilege of going on the Colorado Trek. This Discovery experience focused on faith and discipleship while backpacking across southwestern Colorado. Our trip didn’t actually start on trail, but at our first of many group meetings prior to the trip. We spent time diving into scripture and discussion in order to further understand topics like faith, community, and the character of God, which were reaffirmed for me throughout our five days of hiking.

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Any additional questions regarding our Discovery program, feel free to reach out directly to our Director of Discovery. We want incoming and current students and parents to feel confident they are being seen and heard. Click the button below to email Terry.

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