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Moments in Discovery

Moments in Discovery

With the goal of facilitating transformation through service, intercultural experiences allow students to develop and strengthen their faith in unique ways.

Discovery Experiences are Unforgettable

Discovery experiences lead to unforgettable memories, lifelong friendships, impactful cultural encounters, and deeper relationships with Jesus Christ.

Every Discovery experience is life-changing, and every experience is different. Browse some of our favorite experience videos and stories, and please consider if you may want to join or support them yourself!

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Experience the Moments

Students have the opportunity to serve and engage with God in ways they never knew possible, from experiences across the oceans to those in their own community. Transformation is inevitable, and callings are waiting to be found!

These videos provide a glimpse into our Discovery experiences and some of our most memorable moments.

Thailand 2022

Guatemala 2022

Oregon 2021

Memorable Stories

Every Discovery experience is full of memorable moments. Take some time to read about our experiences, service opportunities, students, and more. We have so much to share!

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Support a Team

The support of generous donors helps make a real impact in the world through the hands of Valor students and experience team leaders.