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Valor's Discovery Program fosters a heart of service.  Students bless others and are blessed themselves as they experience the joy of serving others.

Valor offers service opportunities locally, nationally, and internationally with Christian faith-based organizations whose primary focus is serving poor and marginalized communities around the globe.

Students can serve in the community for a few hours at a time or participate in a Discovery experience far from home. Discovery experiences occur locally, nationally and internationally, and most require a number of approved hours already served.


Approved Partners

Service hours must be fulfilled with Christian faith-based organizations. Service opportunities include but are not limited to:

  • Volunteer work with local partners, including pre-approved partners and ministries
  • All local, national and international Discovery Experiences
  • Featured group and individual service opportunities
  • Pre-approved volunteer work at Valor that supports our vision and mission, without receiving financial compensation, academic credit or dual service hour credits


Graduation Requirements

Students serve a minimum of 25 approved hours per enrollment year for a total of 100 service hours required for graduation. Discovery partners strictly with Christian faith-based organizations which serve the poor and marginalized and will only approve service hours which meet this requirement. During the summer months which precede the start of the academic year, incoming freshmen and transfer students may begin fulfilling service hours. Service opportunities help fulfill graduation requirements, expose students to other cultures and needs, and help meet Discovery experience application requirements. To upload hours, click the link below.