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Welcome to the Valor Parents home page. Here you will find special announcements, links, forms and other resources to help you stay up-to-date with your Valor community.

This year, we have partnered with Way to Go to offer Schoolpool, a secure program that will connect you with neighboring Valor families to help you find carpooling options.

Follow the instructions below to join Valor’s Schoolpool network. If you have any questions, please contact Teresa Kozan

Getting Signed Up

Sign up and complete your registration »

After submitting your registration, you may add your students’ activities by logging in, clicking the yellow “Schoolpool” button, and selecting “Manage Household”.

Adding your students’ activities is important help you find other parents in the same activity by map.

Connect with Other Families

Under the yellow “Schoolpool” button, select “Valor Christian High School” to find other registered families near you. Click on the map to find their contact information

Note: Way to Go and Valor do not run background checks, confirm valid driver’s licenses or assess insurance coverage on participants. Potential users are advised to screen participants to their personal satisfaction and check their own insurance coverage for carpooling to ensure that they are covered under these voluntary arrangements. No drivers, vehicles or insurance are provided.