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Valor DECA Students Competed Great At Internationals

Group of DECA students at Worlds
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Chloe Brown

Congratulations to all DECA students who competed at Internationals. Valor had 6 out of 7 groups finish in the Top 10 in the world!

DECA Students Competed at Worlds

Valor DECA had 7 groups in finals and competed against the best. We are pleased to report that 6 of these 7 groups finished in the "Top 10" in the world, by far the best showing of any high school in Colorado. One group, Brock Benson and Eddie Chen, finished 3rd in the world with their community awareness project. Congratulations to everyone who competed at the International DECA Competition!

Listed below are the students who competed and a brief description of their project:

Brock Benson, Eddie Chen, Community Awareness Project: setting up a non-profit corporation to host sports camps for Aisan Amercian children 5-13 in 3 different states.

Aidan Case, International Business Plan: proposing a machine to terminate pathogens on surfaces of portable medical equipment.

Owen Williams, Innovation Business Plan: developing bioplastic alternatives for use in the food service industries.

Bella Sopcich, Bianca Anderson, and Megan Paoli, Innovation Business Plan: a healthy dog food alternative for dogs with various health conditions.

Faith Wright, Macy Dishno, and Hojun Do, Financial Literacy Project: "Money Minds", a financial education project to educate young people about investing. 

Bella Vogl, Annika Riley, Business Solutions Project; operations project for DIRT coffee to increase their neurodivergent employee program and expand it to other coffee shops

Ellie Roadifer, Business Service Operations Research Project: a research project for a female employee engagement program at Lockheed Martin. 

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