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Poetry Outloud Finalists

Poetry Outloud Finalists
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Chloe Brown

Congratulations to our Poetry Outloud Finalists who will compete at our school-wide competition on February 2. Everyone is welcome to come watch these amazing students perform two poems.

All Valor students and parents are invited to hear the Valor finalists present their poems next Friday, February 2 at 9:00 am in the Valor Center performance hall. The top two finalists will advance to the Regional Competition in February. Congratulations to our finalists featured below!

Our Poetry Out Loud Finalists for each grade are:

1. Caleb Conway (9)

2. Ellie Stairs (9)

3. Thomas Heck (10)

4. Ava Baxter (10)

5. Abby Jimenez (11)

6. Aliya VanGelder (11)

7. Eliza Osburn (12)

8. Isabel Shaw (12)

Here is the link to watch the competition live or recorded: 

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