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That's a Wrap on Practicum Week

That's a Wrap on Practicum Week
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Chloe Brown

Practicum Week 2024 has come to an end. Come read about all the exciting things that took place.

Practicum 2024 Was A Hit!

Valor students embarked on exciting adventures in Denver and beyond, seizing opportunities to learn new skills, serve their communities, and explore diverse interests! 

While some students served out of the country on Discovery trips, almost 300 students dedicated their week to mastering new skills, mentoring youth, giving back to others, gearing up for AP tests, and pursuing their passions in various fields such as the arts, STEM, and the great outdoors. 

Faculty and staff members cherished the chance to mentor students outside the classroom, growing together through fun activities and forging deeper connections. Here is what some of our students shared about their Practicum experiences.

“I had a great time serving and am thankful for the opportunity to meet new people. I especially liked using Spanish in real-life situations and enjoyed helping others alongside my sister. Seeing the wide range of people from our community come together and spread God's love was amazing. Thank you for allowing me to serve this week!" Charlsie Kulbe, Manna Ministries Practicum

“I saw what it was like to live and work in New York. We met with a ton of talented and amazing working performers. My favorite part of the trip was the dance and masterclasses we took. I loved being able to get actual feedback from people in the industry. I will always remember the fun of exploring the city with a kind and strong group.”  Sam Shallow, Day in the Life of a New York Performer Practicum

“I enjoyed learning about the mechanisms and the physics of how a car works. I came into the practicum with knowledge of the racing side so information about how the car works was something I had been lacking. I will talk to my parents about putting my K1 speed trophy on our mantel in the living room.” Cory Gibert, Physics of the Race Car

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