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Mikey Hardesty ‘20 Captures the Stories of Denver’s Homeless

Mikey Hardesty ‘20 Captures the Stories of Denver’s Homeless
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Even as a senior at University of Missouri School of Journalism, Marian Bouchot is already seeing her passion and hard work pay off!

Mikey Hardesty ‘20 Captures the Stories of Denver’s Homeless

Under the tutelage of Valor’s film program, Mikey Hardesty ‘20 was inspired to utilize his talents to make an impact for those in the local community experiencing hopelessness. This past Fall, Mikey began producing short video testimonials for Englewood, Colorado-based Movement 5280.

Founded in 2010 to reach homeless and street-connect youth and young adults, Movement 5280 opened its doors to those on the streets as a place of refuge and respite — where a hot meal or shower is available, along with friendship. The organization creates an environment where people who are struggling can learn about Jesus and come together in community.

Mikey cut his teeth on film making during two Valor Discovery experiences — South Africa and Albania — where he found his passion in producing impactful video documentaries of individuals who he met along the way.

Mikey made several videos for Valor’s Discovery programs on international service trips.

“I was really inspired to seek out the truth from my Valor film instructor,” says Mikey, who was introduced to working with nonprofits on media promotion and outreach while a student at Valor. “Many of the homeless are dehumanized and with my training in the Valor film program, it gave me the courage to talk to people and help by telling their dreams and aspirations.”

Mikey’s transition from high school to the workforce has been eye-opening and enlightening. Utilizing this “gap year,” he is continuing to grow and learn from the people around him; and apply his filmmaking skills and eternal perspective to help make a difference in the lives of those who are often forgotten.

To learn more about Movement 5280, please visit their website.

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