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Getting to Know Josh Hoffman

Getting to Know Josh Hoffman
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Elizabeth Shinn

We sat down with Mr. Hoffman to talk about his heart for student ministry, his transition to Valor, and what he looks forward to as he begins his time here.

Getting to Know Josh Hoffman

Even though Josh Hoffman moved to Colorado in January of 2019, his journey to Valor actually began over two prior. Through a series of connections, he coached a team of Valor lacrosse players under the banner of Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Now, many of those players are upperclassmen on the lacrosse team and welcome their old coach into their community at Valor.

But Josh Hoffman’s decision to pursue a career at Valor was not all about lacrosse. His years traveling, serving on missions trips, teaching, and coaching in other states also prepared him to take on the role of Dean of Students.

We sat down with Mr. Hoffman to talk about his heart for student ministry, his transition to Valor, and what he looks forward to as he begins his time here.

I know you moved here from California. So what lead you to the job at Valor?

The general answer to that question is that I feel like God had his hand in it the entire way. Through some connections from FCA and lacrosse, I was asked to coach a team of almost entirely Valor boys, at a tournament under the banner of FCA in southern California about two years ago.

Fast forward to this past November when the previous Valor lacrosse coach had just accepted a job at the Air Force Academy; I got a phone call again from one of the families I knew from the FCA tournament saying “Hey, are you looking?” I actually kind of laughed and said, “No, I’m not. I’m at a great place.” But I promised to pray and think about it and see if God was really in it. After praying it over, I was really excited about some of things I saw on the website, had some encouraging conversations with the families here that I already knew that led to me applying for the job, and here I am.

What drew you to the Dean of Students position in addition to coaching lacrosse?

Some people who know me really well kind of looked at me funny when they heard I was going to be a Dean of Students, I think because they have kind of an old-school view of that position. But Valor does it really differently, which I think is a great thing. I love the way we do it here with two female deans and two male deans who are each responsible for two classes.

I have the classes of 2020 and 2022, and I’ll be able to know those kids, mentor them, and walk alongside them for years as I try to encourage and point them in the right direction. That is a big part of my heart, just be with young men and really invest in them and get to know them and their families, to be there for the good and the bad.

I’ve always loved working in a high school ministry because I just feel like it’s an unbelievable awesome, vulnerable time. Being on campus every single day and being able to see the kids I know is huge. I mean, I see those kids more than their parents sometimes. Just having the opportunity to go up to them in the halls and say, “Hey, how are you doing?” is great. I feel like I can really minister to them, love them, and invest.

What’s something that makes you excited to be at Valor?

I have a passion for travel, for culture, for people, and for youth ministry, and I’m so excited to see all those things come together in Discovery trips. Going on my first international missions trip experience right after high school was profoundly life changing, so the opportunity to take kids abroad and watch them serve as the hands and feet of Christ is huge.

As a coach, I’m obviously excited to teach the skills and strategy, but I’m most passionate about opportunities for things like life groups, team devotions, retreats, and leadership development with my captains.

And finally, I love the outdoors in Colorado! When I wake up every morning and see the mountains I’m like an excited little kid. It’s hard to beat!

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