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Valor’s Winter Art Show: A Community Celebration of Creativity

Valor’s Winter Art Show: A Community Celebration of Creativity
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Hayes Trotter

by Hayes Trotter, Visual Arts Lead

The widely anticipated Winter Art Show season is here and the Valor Center will be in full array in a few short weeks! The show, set for February 3, has been a long-standing Valor tradition – a favorite annual event that allows community members to roam the building to admire students’ creatively. Artwork from every Arts and Media student will fill the halls, galleries, and stairwells as they showcase work from every part of Valor’s Visual Arts program. Even students in the new podcasting class will share work alongside projects from our photography, design, ceramics, drawing & painting, yearbook, film, and media students. New this year, the art show is open to all Valor students who would like to submit work -- even if they aren't currently in an Arts class. 

Creating innovative installations has been a core part of the show, and senior Conservatory students are working hard to provide a fresh perspective for people to engage with almost every space in the building. Displays get larger, ideas get bigger, and the entire building is an invitation for students to dream and take risks. Design 3 students will have their influencer kits on display with limited access to a pop-up display.

Collaboration is fundamental to the Visual Arts program and the Winter Art Show. When creatives work in teams, incredible things happen! Our Junior Conservatory students will have large-scale collaborative concepts on display. (They have done all of the branding for the Winter Art Show, in addition to developing concepts for public art on campus this year.)  Photo 2 students are collaborating on a photo series that asks us to consider how cell phones have affected society. Film students naturally collaborate as they write scripts, cast actors, shoot, edit, and score their work. 

Customized spaces
A variety of student films and reels will premier in the newly completed Screening Room in Valor’s Media department. Other recently renovated spaces in the Valor Center will be showcased as well. The new Photo Suite and Light Studio will showcase student work. These best-in-practice enhancements to Valor’s Arts facilities are already inspiring new and innovative work!

Concept Ideation
Process is fundamental to the experience of creating art. To show this aspect of students' unique experience at Valor, there will be displays that focus on concept and ideation. We believe that ideas are beautiful, and God’s gift of creativity is alive in all of our hearts and minds. Community members will be able to peek into student groups as they showcase ideating and thumbnailing, practicing their craft, and honing their skills.

Join us for an inspiring and joy-giving evening of celebrating Valor students and their creative thought and work!


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