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Social Emotional Services

Social Emotional Services (SES) at Valor is dedicated to the academic, social, emotional, psychological, and spiritual growth of Valor students.

Social Emotional Services is staffed by Christian licensed mental health professionals to provide our students with highly skilled, thoughtful, and compassionate care that reflects the hope and love of Jesus.

Students may receive services from counselors in a variety of settings: engaging in social emotional learning in the classroom; attending a support group; meeting individually with a counselor, or simply stopping by the SES offices in “the Well” for a moment of self-care.

Safe Space for Students

Mistakes are learning opportunities. Struggles are a difficult and normal part of life. Many students benefit from a non-judgmental space to reflect on their situation, share how they feel, and seek guidance as they take ownership of their problem and work toward a resolution. Our SES counselors listen to students, help them understand the context of their concern, and empower them to make life-giving decisions. They provide a safe space for students to share their concerns in a confidential setting with a licensed professional.

Student Safety Concerns

It’s critical we continue to monitor our teens and help them process and understand their thoughts and feelings during every season. Toxic stress impacts the way our brains function, and in developing brains it’s even more important that we help them combat stress with lifestyle adjustments and tools to help them calm their nervous systems, regulate their strong emotions, and help them establish healthy mindsets. Meet with counselors and utilize resources and suggestions we have created to promote mental health for you and your teen.

Regroup at The Well

Valor encourages students to stop by the Well during the day to find a quiet place to regroup or check in with a counselor. We invite students to attend Sources of Strength, a student club dedicated to developing a positive, strengths-based culture in our school where students respond to their peers in need with messages of hope, help, and strength, fully recognizing that our greatest ally in times of trouble is our relationship with God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 


The Valor Well App

We strongly encourage parents and students to download the Valor Well app.

Developed in 2022 by Valor students for the Valor community, the app provides a wealth of information related to student wellness with mental health resources and teaching provided by SES counselors and Valor’s Bible department. The app also provides emergency response information for crisis counselors that are available 24/7.

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