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Alumni Stories

Want to know what is going on with old Valor friends? Stay up to date with the latest stories about our alumni! 

Pete Freeman (’14) Creates in the Big Apple

Alum Pete Freeman (’14), is helping to build a new design studio in the Big Apple after graduating from Parson’s School of Design this year. Pete now serves as the creative project manager for CENTER Design, a small design company in Brooklyn founded by Alex Center, the previous design director of Vitaminwater and Coca-Cola.

“We have a lot of freelancers and lots of exciting work to do, so it’s constant action but I really enjoy it,” said Freeman. “The studio has been running for a year, but we’ve been able to get some pretty awesome opportunities working with lots of startups as well as bigger companies like New Balance,  Pepsi and Buzzfeed among others. It’s wild, but I’m so grateful to be here.“

When asked what advise he has for Valor students and alumni, he spoke with a grin. “They should never feel like things have to be done in a certain way,” he said. “There is no perfect college, no perfect internship or experience; it’s all a totally different journey for each person! If you love what you do, explore as many ways as possible to do it more.

“I know that sounds obvious,” he continued, “but never be afraid to try new things and collaborate with others in any capacity. At CENTER, we constantly review freelancers’ portfolios including a lot of personal work — and we love that. It doesn’t matter how ‘real’ it is, just that you love what you do. It shows in the work and the way you carry yourself. We want to fill the studio with people who are just excited about opportunities, so talent is actually second to that. So just create and have fun!” he said.

Valor graphic design students are traveling to New York City this fall with Design Instructor James Gonzales for a design festival. One of their first stops will be to CENTER Design where they can enjoy Pete’s impish sense of humor and encouragement to work hard at what they love!

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