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A Student Reflection: Alaska 2022

A Student Reflection: Alaska 2022

by Savannah Khan, Class of 2025

My Discovery trip this year was unreal. Aside from getting to serve the children of Alaska, I also got to serve with my fellow peers. Every day was a gift that I know my Alaska team did not take for granted. The Lord showed up in ways I will never forget. So many of my friends even gave their lives to the Lord. On this trip, I saw how our sweet Jesus is FOR His people - never against.

Yes, we were serving the people of Alaska but we were also serving each other through our actions and demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit filled the hearts of our leaders, kids, and students. I will never forget how close all of us got when we bonded over our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Seeing smiles on children's faces lit up my day and I became aware of how incredibly lucky I am for the opportunity I have in sports. I loved teaching basketball tips and tricks to the kids - they were so happy to know that someone cared enough to teach them the smallest things. This was a valuable lesson that I can apply to my life. Jesus taught us the smallest things which help us live our life to the fullest FOR Him.

I chose the verse John 12:26 for this trip, “Whoever serves me must follow me; and where I am, my servant also with me. My father will honor the one who serves me.” I am called to be a servant of the Lord, and going on this trip set me up for how I am to act and share the love of Jesus with everyone I meet. I cannot wait to make a difference for Jesus, and I know that even the smallest things make the biggest difference.

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