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A Student Reflection: Rwanda 2022

A Student Reflection: Rwanda 2022

by Gracie Prosceno, Class of 2024

“You are most welcome.” These are common words spoken to my team and I as we served in Rwanda, Africa in July 2022.

Africa cannot be put into words. Rwanda is not a country that can be explained, only deeply felt. Heartbreak, loss, redemption, and love all float within the famous red dirt and a thousand hills. Rwanda changes you.

I have had the privilege of traveling around the world throughout my childhood but part of my heart will always remain in Rwanda. This mission trip was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Hope Haven, my teammates and leaders, and the friends I made there have all shown me the beauty of this world. While in Rwanda, surrounded by my team which has now become some of my closest friends, I was shown the beauty of Christ working through a once broken country. Whether it was helping local families bring water to their homes, hosting a VBS for the Hope Haven students, distributing water filters, or visiting the genocide museum, forgiveness and love are healing this country into a thriving nation. I have never seen so much joy within a community that has experienced so much hardship.

This mission trip has strengthened my faith and shown me that you must live life to the full. It is okay to make mistakes, laugh at yourself, and have bad dance moves. Every opportunity is a blessing, and you cannot take anything for granted. On this Discovery trip, nothing was left undone or unsaid. Each day was filled with friendship, dance-offs, and the true joy of Christ. I am so grateful for everything that led up to this mission trip and for those who I left my heart with, in Africa.

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