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Discovery Stories

Discovery Stories

Stay up to date with the latest discovery stories here. We have stories about world-changing students and everything our department is up to.

Discovery Stories

Our Discovery department and students are always doing things to further the kingdom and change the world. See what our incredible students are up to and stay up to date with the latest Discvoery endeavors. You can always check out other department stories as well by clicking the button below!

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A Student Reflection: Colorado Trek 2022

This summer, I had the privilege of going on the Colorado Trek. This Discovery experience focused on faith and discipleship while backpacking across southwestern Colorado. Our trip didn’t actually start on trail, but at our first of many group meetings prior to the trip. We spent time diving into scripture and discussion in order to further understand topics like faith, community, and the character of God, which were reaffirmed for me throughout our five days of hiking.

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