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Keep up to date with what is going on in our school! You can read all about it in our school life stories.


We have a lot of pride in our endorsement programs! This is exactly why it is important we share stories for each respective program. Filter through our different endorsement programs to view their respective stories and learn more about the endorsement programs in the academics section of the website. View all of our school stories at the link below.

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Calculus Speed Trap

If you travel 40 miles per 60 minutes, what’s your average speed per hour, or what’s your average rate of change (the change in distance over the change in time)? Are they different? Students in AP Calculus played cops and speeders last week in class. Students had the opportunity to use real radar guns and math to try and see if they could catch their classmates speeding along Fairview.

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Humanities Alumni Update

The Humanities program honored its first class of graduating students this past May 2023 during Valor’s commencement ceremony. We want to regularly include comments from graduates to help give a sense of how the Humanities program prepared them for the next phase of their lives. For our first alumni check-in, we asked Ben Leikam to reflect on how his time in the Humanities program prepared him for college. Here are his thoughts...

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