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Stay up to date with the latest stories about academics! From student projects to student successes, see what's going on with our academic department. 

Valor STEM February Newsletter

NEW STEM COURSES: Interest Request

The STEM team is currently assessing interest for three potential new courses for the 2022-2023 school year. If you have an interest in enrolling in one of the below courses, please email the listed teacher so we can accurately assess student interest. These are tentative courses that will only run if there is sufficient student interest.

Game Design II

Game Design II will focus on project design and organization as well as more advanced development techniques. Projects will be deployed to a single platform including web-based, phone-based, VR, or computer games. If interested, please email Mr. Higgins

Robotics II

Robotics II is a course in which students further their exploration of robotics theory and prototyping. Students will be trained in the use of the CAD program Fusion 360 and use this and 3D printers to create customized components for their prototypes. If interested, please email Mr. Sawyer

Data Structures and Algorithms

This course is designed to focus on advanced programming techniques in the realm of Computer Science beyond the scope of AP Computer Science. This course is a study in fundamental data structures and algorithms. If interested, please email Mr. Higgins.  

ROBOTICS CLASS: Taking it to the Next Level

ROBOTICS: Taking it to the next level

The Robotics Class has completed its first build with the VEX V5 kits! Jonathon White's ('23) group was challenged to create a robot that could quickly and efficiently retrieve and relocate tennis balls. This project is designed to help students to learn the benefits and utilize each of the kit's components. The students' next project will challenge them to design and build their own robot that can simulate radioactive waste removal. Once the robots are built each student will be tasked with driving their robot into Valor's brick firepit and safely retrieving "radioactive" waste.


Our new Biotechnology class is looking for guest speakers to enhance their learning of current biotechnologies used in medicine, agriculture, and forensics, with the most urgent need being nanotechnology and the current use of nanoparticles for diagnostics and therapeutics.  If you have any level of expertise in the research, or use of biotechnologies in these fields and would be interested in supporting this class then please contact Mrs. Jemma Theobald. 

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