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Endorsement Stories

Stay up to date with the latest stories about academics! From student projects to student successes, see what's going on with our academic department. 
Congratulations to Valor's TSA Team!

Congratulations to Valor's TSA Team!

TSA Flight Endurance was a great success. Sydney Baller ('23) took 3rd in State with a flight time of over 1 minute! Ryan Peters ('25) (featured on the left) sustained flight for over 35 seconds. Great job flight endurance team!

TSA Fashion Design Technology team took 2nd in State with their amusement park theme ride costume. Mollie Porch ('23), Anderson Porch ('25), Sydney Baller ('23), and Liana Hase-Penn ('23) made a lively design with 3D printer earrings to top it off! 

TSA Dragster is a supercharged event as students puncture a CO2 cartridge to launch a hand-crafted car down a 40 ft track. Students learned CAD to design their cars. Then used a band saw, drill press, and lathe to bring their creation to life. Watch the 5-second clip below to see Brady Williams ('25) dragster in action! 

TSA Forensics team Peyton Brown ('23) and Liana Hase-Penn ('23) took 2nd in the State in Forensics! Through dedicated study and extra practice in various techniques, they put their investigative skills to the test and had an incredible performance!  

TSA Video Game Design team created The Wonderous World which is a quick-paced goofy platformer. There are 7 unique levels, each with its own interesting artifact for the player to explore. Conrad Clay ('25) and Breck Massey ('25) made it to the semi-finals with their creativity and advanced coding.

TSA System Control Technology team Breck Massey ('25), Kale Pankoski ('25) and Kai Pankoski ('23) took 1st in State. The team put their problem-solving skills to the test and were able to use some advanced code and a Vex kit to create a device that would allow only 15 people entry into a store at one time.

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