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Endorsement Stories

Stay up to date with the latest stories about academics! From student projects to student successes, see what's going on with our academic department. 
Speed Traps and Calculus

Students in AP Calculus had a chance to play cops and speeders. Students had the opportunity to use real radar guns and math to try to catch their classmates speeding along Fairview. A speed limit of 35 mph was set for the experiment, some students were drivers and others were assigned as "police" and were posted at two different locations along the route. As students drove past the posts, the "police officers" recorded their instantaneous speeds and then used the Mean Value Theorem (MVT) to attempt to prove that their classmates went over the limit of 35 mph. After the experiment, the students held a mock trial, where the "police" presented their evidence and mathematical reasoning while the drivers attempt to refute the claims. The exercise provided both a concrete introduction and application to the Mean Value Theorem (MVT). 

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STEM Night 2023

STEM Night was a great success, as students showcased their work through capstone projects, clubs, and competitions. Over 30 projects and interactive demos were highlighted during the evening. In addition, select students received awards for their innovation, creativity, and service through STEM. 

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