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Endorsement Stories

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Suturing 101

Vertical mattress, simple interrupted, and continuous are all terms that have been thrown around in the Anatomy and Physiology classes recently. During the past unit, the class had the opportunity to work with surgical PA, James Boyle, to try their hand at different wound closure techniques. During the lab, students worked on practice suture pads to learn and practice various procedures. Pictured above is Cameron Conner (’23) performing a simple interrupted suture. In addition to suturing, students were also exposed to steri-strips, surgical staples and zippers, and Dermabond as alternatives to suturing.

Although none of the students are quite ready to perform on a live patient following this one-day lab, they demonstrated promise and did a great job learning a new skill. Students interested in further developing their skills are encouraged to join the Suturing Club which practice on Thursday mornings. The club is open to all students and ability levels and continues building on the currently gleaned skills. Contact Ben Merson ('24) for more information. 

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STEM Night 2023

STEM Night was a great success, as students showcased their work through capstone projects, clubs, and competitions. Over 30 projects and interactive demos were highlighted during the evening. In addition, select students received awards for their innovation, creativity, and service through STEM. 

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