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Endorsement Stories

Stay up to date with the latest stories about academics! From student projects to student successes, see what's going on with our academic department. 
Valor Success at Colorado TSA State Competition

ALL Valor TSA students experienced success at the state Technology Student Association competition last month -- 100% of the students either advanced to a semifinal round or placed in the top half of competitors in at least one event. 8 students earned medals! We are so proud of all of our students and the work they put into these events. Read below to learn more about the incredible accomplishments of each team. 

Board Game Design
Participants develop, build, and package a board game that focuses on the subject of their choice. The game should be interesting, exciting, visually appealing, and intellectually challenging. Each team will have to design the packaging, instructions, pieces, and/or cards associated with creating and piloting a new board game. Oakleigh Rose ('24) and Abby Siers ('24) made it to the semi-finals in Board Game Design featuring a laser cut game board, 3D printer pawns, and an innovative magnetic stowaway design. 

Systems Control
Participants develop a solution to a problem (typically one from an industrial setting) presented onsite at the conference. They analyze the problem, build a computer-controlled mechanical model, program the model, demonstrate the programming and mechanical features of the model solution in an interview, and provide instructions for evaluators to operate the model. This year's challenge included moving products, holding a specified amount in a queue, and releasing the product within a given constraint. Team of Kai Pankoski ('23), Noah Landen ('24), and Jack Marris ('24): 2nd place in the state and Team of Breck Massey ('24), Kale Pankoski ('24), Brady Williams ('24) took 3rd place in the state.

Flight Endurance
Participants design, build, fly, and adjust (trim) a rubber-band powered model aircraft to make long endurance flights inside a contained airspace. Documentation (including elements such as attributes of the model design, drawings, and an analysis of the trim modifications), an inspection of the model and the required model flight box, and official times for two flights are aspects of the evaluation. Sydney Ball ('23) took first in state in this grueling event that requires finesse, patience, and strategy. 

Fashion Design and Technology
To address this year's theme of The Oscars, participants demonstrate expertise in fashion design principles by creating a wearable garment, garment patterns, and a documentation portfolio. Semifinalist teams present their garment designs (worn by team models), discuss the design process with evaluators, and respond to interview questions. Noah Kim ('23), Peyton Brown ('23), Dominic Desiderio ('23), and Liana Penn ('23), Sydney Baller ('23) created a gorgeous gown and matching vest. 

Drone Challenge (UAV)
Participants design, build, assemble, document, and test fly an open-source Unmanned Arial Vehicle (UAV) according to the stated annual theme/problem specifications. The required documentation portfolio must include elements such as a photographic log, wiring schematics, and a description of the programming software used. Semifinalists participate in an interview. Ryan Peters ('25), Brady Williams ('25), Kale Pankoski ('25), Camden Gunnersen ('24), and Noah Landen ('25) had of of the best flights in the drone competition! 

Dragster Design
Participants design, draw, and construct a CO2-powered dragster that adheres to specifications, design and documentation requirements, and the annual theme. Robbie Settle ('24) performed incredibly well placing 11th out of hundreds of entries. 

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